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Is Bitcoin Hot Air or a Safe Haven?

The Market Effect Bitcoin Monitor provides insight into the view that the Dutch consumer has on investing in Bitcoin.

The price of the Bitcoin has been a topic of discussion for years, including on the shop floor at Markteffect. Within the Markteffect team, opinions are divided about Bitcoin. This division was the decisive factor in developing a monitor on how the Dutch consumer actually views Bitcoin. Who are the “lovers” and who are the “haters”? The first measurement of the Bitcoin Monitor Market Effect took place at the end of March. It turns out that more than 3.5 million Dutch people are currently considering investing in Bitcoin. Indo crypto website is popular.

Lovers and haters

One of the Bitcoin lovers within Markteffect is Roy Zengers, Business Unit Manager. He started investing in Bitcoin years ago and is the person who is only too happy to raise the subject in the workplace. For example, he says: “Bitcoin is the most scarce asset ever and I believe that its value will increase significantly in the coming years. Bitcoin also ensures that all people worldwide can be their own bank, which ensures that you are in full control of your own assets. Bitcoin is decentralized and has a deflationary effect. Bitcoin is certainly a safe haven for me. ”

However, not everyone is equally positive and enthusiastic about the subject. For example, there has been talk about the enormously fluctuating rate at which the Bitcoin assumes a different value almost every minute. To some “haters” it also seems as if only the success stories are shared and there is little support for where the successes come from. It is not a real coin, that makes it elusive and that is why it is also seen as hot air.

The first results

The question of whether Bitcoin is hot air or a safe haven has not been answered internally and gave the trigger to develop the Market Effect Bitcoin Monitor. The Market Effect Bitcoin Monitor is used to chart the attitude, sentiment and investment behavior surrounding Bitcoin. The survey was conducted among a representative sample of 1,020 respondents aged 18 years and older. The first results show that in addition to the 3.5 million Dutch people who are considering investing in Bitcoin, more than 700,000 Dutch people already own (part of) Bitcoin. No less than 62% of these only joined in the past year. Spain Cryptocurrency is popular.

The risks of investing are experienced differently when it comes to Bitcoin. When investing outside the cryptocurrency, 54% indicate that the risk of the investment is an important factor in the consideration process. When it comes to investing in Bitcoin, only 22% indicate that the risk of the investment is an important factor in the consideration process.

Infographic of the first results

Market effect Bitcoin Monitor

What’s next?

Client Consultant Bas de Vries (Markteffect) will give a webinar together with Willem Jan Rutgers (Bitvavo) during the Road to MIE on May 31 at 16:30. Determine yourself whether Bitcoin is hot air or a safe haven? Sign up here for the webinar!