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Is Bitcoin Hot Air or a Safe Haven?

The Market Effect Bitcoin Monitor provides insight into the view that the Dutch consumer has on investing in Bitcoin.

The price of the Bitcoin has been a topic of discussion for years, including on the shop floor at Markteffect. Within the Markteffect team, opinions are divided about Bitcoin. This division was the decisive factor in developing a monitor on how the Dutch consumer actually views Bitcoin. Who are the “lovers” and who are the “haters”? The first measurement of the Bitcoin Monitor Market Effect took place at the end of March. It turns out that more than 3.5 million Dutch people are currently considering investing in Bitcoin. Indo crypto website is popular.

Lovers and haters

One of the Bitcoin lovers within Markteffect is Roy Zengers, Business Unit Manager. He started investing in Bitcoin years ago and is the person who is only too happy to raise the subject in the workplace. For example, he says: “Bitcoin is the most scarce asset ever and I believe that its value will increase significantly in the coming years. Bitcoin also ensures that all people worldwide can be their own bank, which ensures that you are in full control of your own assets. Bitcoin is decentralized and has a deflationary effect. Bitcoin is certainly a safe haven for me. ”

However, not everyone is equally positive and enthusiastic about the subject. For example, there has been talk about the enormously fluctuating rate at which the Bitcoin assumes a different value almost every minute. To some “haters” it also seems as if only the success stories are shared and there is little support for where the successes come from. It is not a real coin, that makes it elusive and that is why it is also seen as hot air.

The first results

The question of whether Bitcoin is hot air or a safe haven has not been answered internally and gave the trigger to develop the Market Effect Bitcoin Monitor. The Market Effect Bitcoin Monitor is used to chart the attitude, sentiment and investment behavior surrounding Bitcoin. The survey was conducted among a representative sample of 1,020 respondents aged 18 years and older. The first results show that in addition to the 3.5 million Dutch people who are considering investing in Bitcoin, more than 700,000 Dutch people already own (part of) Bitcoin. No less than 62% of these only joined in the past year. Spain Cryptocurrency is popular.

The risks of investing are experienced differently when it comes to Bitcoin. When investing outside the cryptocurrency, 54% indicate that the risk of the investment is an important factor in the consideration process. When it comes to investing in Bitcoin, only 22% indicate that the risk of the investment is an important factor in the consideration process.

Infographic of the first results

Market effect Bitcoin Monitor

What’s next?

Client Consultant Bas de Vries (Markteffect) will give a webinar together with Willem Jan Rutgers (Bitvavo) during the Road to MIE on May 31 at 16:30. Determine yourself whether Bitcoin is hot air or a safe haven? Sign up here for the webinar!

The hacker who stole $600 million from a crypto platform has since refunded $4 million

On Tuesday, a hacker stole cryptocurrency worth more than $600 million from DeFi platform Poly Network. The hacker appears to be returning some of the loot to Poly Network. The mega-theft is the latest in a string of crypto hacks that have exploded this year.

Cryptocurrencies worth more than $600 million were stolen from Poly Network on Tuesday. It is a crypto platform for decentralized financial services (DeFi). It is one of the largest crypto heists ever.

Poly Network

The Poly Network administrators have issued a Twitter appeal to the hacker to return the money – to which the thief appears to be responding.

Poly Network announced the hack on Twitter, noting that the attack involved binance, polygon and the ethereum network crypto platforms. Various types of cryptocurrencies were looted, including shiba inu, wrapped ether, wrapped bitcoin, uniswap and a series of stablecoins. has enough information. The platform also published the hacker’s wallet addresses and urged crypto exchanges and miners to block tokens from these addresses.

In response, the issuer of cryptocurrency tether (a “stablecoin” pegged to the dollar) froze about $33 million worth of tokens that were part of the hack. This was reported by Paolo Ardoino, head of technology at tether on Twitter.

Digital coins

Poly Network said they found out how the hacker could steal the digital coins. In addition, the company tweeted that it had so far recovered more than $4 million worth of cryptocurrencies from the hacker. Coindesk reported on Wednesday that the hacker said in a response that he would return the funds. He made this known in a message hidden in an ethereum transaction to himself.

“Failed to contact the poly. I need a secure multisig wallet from you,” the hacker added in a separate transaction. A multisig wallet, or multisignature wallet, is an online wallet that provides access to multiple people with a key. Transactions from this wallet can only be made if each user agrees. Poly Network then created the requested multi-signature wallets and reached out to the hacker.

“Justice in any country will consider this a major economic crime and you will be prosecuted. It is very unwise for you to make further trades. has enough information. The money you stole is from tens of thousands of members of the crypto community. You need to talk to us to work out a solution,” the network’s developers wrote on Twitter.

The biggest theft in DeFi . history

The digital theft is the latest in a growing number of crypto hacks and probably one of the largest to date. Poly Network says it was the largest amount of money stolen in DeFi (decentralized financial services platforms) history. Research and consulting firm Ciphertrace noted in a recent report that DeFi hacks accounted for more than three-quarters of the cryptocurrency stolen so far this year. At the end of July, approximately $361 million had been stolen in DeFi hacks, compared to $111 million in other crypto frauds.

The Ciphertrace report shows that for the whole of 2020 the DeFi hacks accounted for ‘only’ $129 million. That amounts to a quarter of the total $516 million in crypto fraud last year.

BECAUSE Bitcoin and Crypto price forecast week 21: our analyses

Like every Saturday, today we also look at the crypto price forecast for the price of Bitcoin and the prices of the top 25 crypto coins for the coming week. We do this on the basis of our crypto price forecast from last week, the current prices of crypto and our analyzes for the coming week.

We first analyze last week’s developments based on our crypto price forecast for the previous week that you can read here. Then we look at the current situation. Based on this data, we make the analyzes for the coming week. We do this first for the Bitcoin price and then for the other crypto prices of the top 25 crypto coins.

Bitcoin price in the past week

We predicted last week that the price of Bitcoin would fall this week. There is nothing too much to say about that because the price of Bitcoin fell by 20.96%. This was mainly due to fundamental factors, with Elon Musk’s Twitter thumb playing a major role. Later in the week, new rumors about a crypto ban in China came over. After a brief rebound on Thursday, prices have fallen sharply since last night. EOS price is high.

The current price of Bitcoin

At the moment, the Bitcoin price is still falling. At the time of writing, Bitcoin’s price is EUR 30,530 ($37,209.99), which is 8.82% lower than yesterday afternoon. Still, there is a little light at the end of the correction tunnel. Since the price touched the $ 36,000, we see that investors are stepping back in and thinking to buy the dip. With this information in mind, we look ahead to the week ahead. Can we expect a recovery in the Bitcoin price or will the correction continue? Of course you can follow the Bitcoin price in real time on the site 24 hours a day.

The crypto price forecast for the Bitcoin price in the coming week (week 21)

Of course we base our crypto price forecast for the Bitcoin price on the technical and fundamental analysis.

Fundamental Factors for Bitcoin in Week 21

There are no macroeconomic events noted on the economic calendar that are likely to impact Bitcoin. On the crypto calendar we see that the crypto exchange Consensus will be held from May 24 to 27. There are many points about the future of Bitcoin. The news of this stock exchange can therefore certainly affect investor confidence. is fine.

Furthermore, next Friday is the last Friday of the month. This means that the CME monthly options expire. Although the release of these options often has no direct price impact, analysts certainly see it as a measure of sentiment and therefore as a direction for the Bitcoin price in the coming month.

Technical Factors for Bitcoin in Week 21

The technical trend analyzes give a strong sell signal for the coming week. The oscillators are giving a neutral signal, but that doesn’t seem to be enough to offset the trend signals.

The RSI is currently 51.58 and has been rising in recent days. This seems to indicate a good price (about exactly between ‘overbought’ and ‘oversold’). Finally, we see that the support levels currently leave a lot of room. The lowest support level is $29,407, which is in line with the earlier Fibonacci analyzes .

The only positive point, besides the entry of investors expecting to buy the dip, is that the Greed-and-Fear Index is showing strong Fear at 12 and that is normally an indication of buyer interest.

Our price forecast for the Bitcoin price in the coming week (week 21)

However, we expect that this time will not be enough. Unless the fundamentals bring positive surprises, we therefore expect a negative week for Bitcoin in the coming week.

After Bitcoin, of course, we also analyze the other crypto coins from the top 25.

The price of the top 25 crypto coins in week 19 and current state of affairs

As it was a negative week for Bitcoin, the prices of the top 25 crypto coins also turned blood red. With the exception of the stable coins, we only see weekly losses in the top 25 crypto coins.

These weekly losses were not tender. For example, Ethereum (ETH) lost 34.37% in the past week and the Dogecoin (DOGE) shot down 33.01%. However, the biggest loss was for Eos (EOS), which lost 47.52%.

The current prices for the top 25 crypto coins are also not cheerful. Right now, all cryptocurrencies (except stable coins) are losing heavily by double digits. Polygon (MATIC) is currently in the corner where the most blows fall and yields no less than 24.75% in 24 hours. On the site of you can also follow the live prices of the top 25 crypto coins 24 hours a day.

We also include technical and fundamental factors for the top 25 cryptocurrencies. The technical trend analyzes for the main cryptocurrencies, with the exception of the stable coins, only show negative advice (sell signals or strong sell signals). The oscillators are not much more hopeful, especially with sell and neutral signals.

In terms of fundamental factors, news from Consensus can of course also influence the prices of cryptocurrencies. In addition, we see the launch of the Alonzo testnet planned for Cardano (ADA) in the coming weekend.

We therefore foresee another negative week for the top 25 cryptocurrencies if the fundamental factors do not bring any positive surprises.

New cryptocurrency added to app BLOX: Polkadot

Another new coin has been added to the crypto app BLOX. The Dutch app adds Polkadot to the offer. The currency has only been around since August 2020 and can therefore still go in all directions.

Polkadot an instant success

The Polkadot currency is abbreviated to DOT, and has only been freely tradable since August. The coin was immediately denominated, which means that the new DOT tokens are 100 times smaller than the old ones. Investors who participated in the ICO of Polkadot suddenly had a hundred times more coins, the value of which was of course also divided by one hundred. But in the summer, the crypto world was really looking forward to the launch of Polkadot, the coin immediately stormed into the top 10 in terms of market capitalization. LTC Litecoin is well known in crypto.

Invest in Polkadot with BLOX

BLOX is the all-in-one cryptocurrency app for your smartphone. Trade the most popular cryptocurrencies at lightning speed, including big names such as Bitcoin, XRP and Ethereum as well as smaller coins such as Polkadot, VeChain and Chainlink. Whether you buy for a euro or can lose a thousand euros, you determine your investment. Knowing more?

What is Polka Dot?

Polkadot is a project of the Web3 Foundation and provides a framework for developers to build and merge blockchains. It is maintained by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood, Robert Habermeier and Peter Czaban. The latter is the technology director of the Web3 Foundation. Vet Vechain is well known in crypto.

The network enables cross-chain communication and interoperability by connecting multiple blockchains into one unified network. Polkadot wants to distinguish itself with:

heterogeneous sharding



transparent governance

cross chain composability

Relay, para and bridges

The Relay chain is the central blockchain of the network where all nodes are located and on which users can stake. Then you have Parachains, these are parallel blockchain shards that connect to the Relay chain. The Parachains are maintained by their own unique nodes, called collators and bridges. These bridges are special blockchains that allow Parachains to connect to Ethereum and Bitcoin.

IP addresses are essential for the identification of a computer medium connected to the Internet, how does a VPN work with these IP’s?

The IP is the central element in the world of the web. This series of numbers identifies your computer that uses the Internet Protocol to communicate.

Your IP address is the name of your computer.

Your IP address is visible: Our IP is immediately visible whenever we log in, surf, shop on a merchant site, or download. However, we don’t need to share our real IP address with everyone. That’s why the use of a VPN is essential!

  • For 97% of Internet users this IP is static and offered by a F.A.I with the Internet subscription. To check your IP F.A.I and the one obtained by your VPN we advise you IPLEAK which has the best database for the display of IP and Surfshark trial @

VPNs offer two functions:

  • Check your connection through an OpenVPN-like protocol. The OpenVPN protocol is currently the most used and secure protocol.
  • Change your IP address. When you hide your IP address, you protect your identity on the Internet.

This change of IP addresses is very much learned by VPN users who mostly take advantage of it:

  • Bypassing the gaggraphic barriers like Netflix – BBC iPlayer – Amazon prime – RTS

VPNs offer different types of IP addresses

All these IPs are technically different. For example, VPNs offer dynamic and shared IPs. Other IPs (Public – Résidentielles – Dédieacute;es – Public – Streaming IPs (e.g. Virtual IPs) exist and are different from the first ones. All these IPs have specific functions.

  • A very good VPN is not one that is able to offer all these types of IPs but one that is able:
  • To perfectly control its management of the IP that it offers (Advance stock + Multiplying the origins – Renewal in case of blacklist).
  • Have IPs in the main countries requested: Holland (P2P) – UK (British TV) – Romania (Anonymization) – US (Netflix) – Switzerland (RTS) – Canada (Netflix) – France (WIFI Sécurization)

IP Dynamic and Shared

A dynamic and shared IP is an IP assigned by a VPN server. Each connection to a new server = a new IP. This same IP is used by several people at the same time.

  1. These IPs are used by several people at the same time.
  2. These IPs are the ones we get most of the time. The reason is quite simple: this IP covers 90% of VPN users’ usage and it’s the cheapest. With a shared dynamic IP you can:
  3. Make P2P Torrent other TéléDirect upload. These IPs are perfect for these protective uses. They will hide the monitoring of your F.A.I IP on the Torrent network.The IP switch will also allow you to chain Téléuploads on the same file browser.

What Does India Hold for Job Seekers?

India as a developing economy has come miles over the most recent couple of years. This is very clear with the sort of advancement, our country has accomplished in various parts, be IT, Banking, Telecommunications, Tourism or some other. With this, the openings for work lying with the country have likewise been growing. This has brought about better vocation possibilities for everybody from a specialist to an engineer. Above everything, the mediums to pay special mind to work in the nation are more advantageous at this point. One can just utilize the activity entryways and get the chance to right places.

With regards to India, the significant urban communities like Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad produce the vast majority of the positions. With such chances, an enormous number of occupation searchers from all over the country relocate to these urban areas.

How about we have a nearby glance at the sort of openings for work these Indian urban areas produce.

Occupations in Delhi

Delhi, the public capital is one of the metropolitan urban communities that pull in numerous to come and work here. The sort of framework and monetary development, the city has accomplished has fundamentally contributed in making it a center for businesses and worldwide brands. Discussion about inns or media houses, IT organizations or broadcast communications, it has got everything. Furthermore, the connecting NCR locale has made the public capital considerably more commendable. In the event that you are remaining in the public capital or any of the connecting districts in NCR, you have definitely got the freedom to investigate the most astounding openings for work existing here. A portion of the rumored brands situated in NCR incorporate Nokia, Siemens Networks, Ciena Corporation, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Motorola, HP, Mahindra, Satyam, HCL Technologies, IBM, Microsoft, NIIT, Dell Inc, Aricent, Sapient and the rundown continues forever.

Occupations in Bangalore

Known as The Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore utilizes about 35% of the Indian IT experts. The city is likewise certify for most elevated IT related fares in the nation. Bangalore as a center point of IT segment pulls experts from everywhere the country. Accel Frontline Ltd., HCL Technologies, iGate, Infosys, Larsen and Toubro Infotech, Microland, MindTree, Tata Consultancy Services, Tech Mahindra, ThoughtWorks and Wipro a portion of the IT organizations situated in the city. Other than the IT blast, the city observers to be a center of car and avionics enterprises as well. Assembling and Biotechnology are different businesses that create occupations in the city.

Occupations in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, otherwise called “Genome Valley of India” consistently thinks of incredible openings for work for experts in IT and biotechnology. The city denotes the presence of in excess of 1,300 IT organizations in it, which incorporates Facebook, Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Amazon and Dell. Hyderabad even records for the 90% of the state’s IT fares of over Rs. 4000 Crore with around 5 lakh occupations. Further, the city is otherwise called Cyberabad inferable from its reinforced situation as a worldwide focal point of IT segment. The city consistently brings along many openings for work for business measure re-appropriating, media outlets and budgetary administrations.

Occupations in Chennai

In Chennai, programming improvement and business measure re-appropriating and gadgets producing have been the central point for the city’s monetary development. These segments have additionally been the variables for countless individuals moving to Hyderabad to investigate vocation possibilities. The city is likewise authorize for 60% for the nation’s car sends out. In addition, it’s is likewise called the Banking Capital of the country, which opens up the possibilities for banking experts in the city.

These Indian urban areas over the most recent couple of years have developed at an a lot quicker movement and have additionally been the most wanted objective for experts from all the fields. It’s not simply the IT blast that enables these urban areas yet additionally different divisions like Hospitality, Retail, Telecom and Healthcare. In addition, the new media and computerized space is making a blast for Digital Marketing in these urban communities. This is one more territory that numerous youthful experts are discovered to investigate.

Hyderabad – India’s Genome Valley

Hyderabad city is stuffed with various choices for touring as well as convenience too. The greater part of the Hyderabad inns dominate in the culinary workmanship and merit visiting the same number of times as you wish. The Hyderabadi Biryani, really luxurious, is the fundamental exceptional food thing at the vast majority of the lodgings here.

On the off chance that you visit Hyderabad, at that point you can’t pass up this food strength. Other than the nearby food, sightseers can savor worldwide cooking at a large number of the eating roads. The greater part of the inns are found deliberately in nearness to the conciliatory and business regions of Hyderabad. On the Hyderabad map you make certain to discover numerous lodgings to fit into your financial plan and simultaneously offer the ideal extravagance and unwinding openings you are searching for.

The Westin Mindspace inn in Hyderabad is where any vacationer can be at their best. On the off chance that you are looking towards a retreat that is genuinely extravagant and untainted then this is the perfect spot to be in. Inn Tara, prominently known as the Ramoji Film City, is the ideal objective for unwinding and extraordinary diversion. This is extraordinary compared to other Hyderabad inns and is a complex is visited by a large number of sightseers all during that time to delight in its interminable recreational and relaxation openings.

Arranged in the Banjara Hills, a top notch lodging offering the best convenience and recreational offices is the Fortune Park Vallabha, solely for business explorers. To get an incentive for your cash is Hotel Silver Park, a 3 star business class inn offering extraordinary incentive for your cash spent. It has been offering serious administrations in the accommodation business since twenty years now.

At nearness to the railroad station and the air terminal is the Aditya Park Inn, effectively available and making an ideal stop for any vacationer visiting Hyderabad. Over the Banjara Lake and in nearness of the Banjara Hills shopping and business zones is the Keys Hotel Bhaskar Plaza. Before you plan your outing here, a smart thought is view the Hyderabad guide to recognize probably the best inns here.

While you remain here you can capitalize on the shopping openings gave. In the event that you are a relaxation and business explorer, at that point Aditya Hometel arranged at Ameerpet makes an ideal objective. It has been planned only to suit the requirements of any explorer and is a notable inn situated at closeness to the Hyderabad air terminal.